SIUniverse For Japan: The Swag

So rather than constantly updating the original announcement of the auction, I figured I’d give the items for bid their own place on the blog. So here it is.

Check this space often to see what cool and unique items are currently for bid as we try to raise some money for the ongoing relief efforts in Japan. You can also keep track with the SIUniverse For Japan auction at our main eBay page for siuniverseforjapan or check the hashtag #SIU4Japan on twitter.

After the jump, check out the items that are available now.

sketch by Jerry Ma ENDED: $36.00

donated by Parry Shen ENDED: $71.00

signed by writer/director Michael Kang ENDED: $27.00

signed by author Jamie Ford ENDED: $26.00

donated by Lynn Chen ENDED: $25.00

sketch by Jerry Ma ENDED: $35.88
by Martin Hsu ENDED: $24.00
by A.L. Baroza ENDED: $30.00

by Greg LaRocque ENDED: $51.00

by Jimmy J. Aquino ENDED: $30.00


signed by writer/director Michael Kang

4/13-14/11: “Sense & Sensibility” (Marvel Comics) Original Pages
by Sonny Liew

Issue 5, Page 2 

by Keiko Agena

Announcing SIUniverse For Japan: Online Auction to Support Relief Efforts in Japan

Help the people of Japan by bidding on items donated by members of the SIUniverse family.
Two weeks ago, the world was stunned by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that ravaged northern Japan. Though the aftermath of the natural disaster and resulting nuclear crisis is no longer front page news, the people of northern Japan still need our help. This is why SIUniverse Media is announcing SIUniverse For Japan, an online auction to raise money for ongoing relief efforts in Japan. 

Through ebay Giving Works, 100% of the final sale of any item sold through SIUniverse For Japan will go toward GlobalGiving’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Search for eBay seller ID “siuniverseforjapan” or follow SIUniverse on twitter and Facebook for regular updates on the auction.

Over the next several weeks, fans will be able to bid on everything from original artwork, action figures, t-shirts, DVDs, CDs, comics, books, and other unique items donated by some of the creative talent behind Secret Identities and know that all proceeds will go towards rebuilding the lives of the people affected by the disasters. The first item, a copy of Secret Identities plus a bookplate signed by Jeff Yang, Parry Shen, Keith Chow and Jerry Ma, will be up for bid beginning on Monday, March 28.
The following SI-affiliated artists and creators will also have items available for bid in the coming weeks:

  • Keiko Agena
  • Jimmy J. Aquino
  • A.L. Baroza
  • Blacklava
  • Jef Castro
  • Bernard Chang
  • Lynn Chen
  • Tanuj Chopra
  • Keith Chow
  • Jamie Ford
  • Martin Hsu
  • Michael Kang
  • Shin Kawasaki
  • Kazu Kibuishi
  • Greg LaRocque
  • Sonny Liew
  • Jerry Ma
  • Greg Pak
  • Koji Steven Sakai
  • Alexander Shen
  • Parry Shen
  • Tak Toyoshima
  • Glenn Urieta
  • Gene Yang
  • Jeff Yang

And while you’re at it, head on over to Epic Proportions where Jerry is donating 100% of every sale to relief efforts in Japan as well! 

Doughboy Needs Your Help!

Jason Lee, the founder of and one of Secret Identities‘ earliest supporters, is in the process of producing a short film called “Doughboy.”

Doughboy, is a short film dark comedy about Felix, a superfan of Data (the Asian American kid from The Goonies), who decides to pursue his late father’s American Dream of making funnel cakes as easy to find as the hot dog. He designs and builds a mobile funnel cake-making suit inspired by Data and begins to sell them on the streets of Little Tokyo. It’s a million dollar idea, but there is one fatal flaw that he is forced to realize when he is confronted by a militant activist group protesting the name of his business: Data’s Funnel Cakes.

Check out the trailer below:

Unfortunately, Jason needs to raise some more money to get this project off the ground! This is where you come in. Just visit Doughboy‘s Kickstarter page and pledge to donate as little as $1 to help support a young Asian American filmmaker bring Doughboy to life. The world could use another Asian American hero. And more funnel cakes.

Make Your Own "Evil Chinese Professor!"

Since we recently announced Volume 2 would be dedicated to shattering Asian stereotypes, it only makes sense to point you all to a brand new Asian stereotype just in time for the midterm elections, thanks to the right-wing “think” tank Citizens Against Government Waste: the Evil Chinese Professor!

Well, now it’s our turn to reclaim Professor Evil. A few Asian Am blogs–Angry Asian Man, 8Asians, Disgrasian, Reappropriate, channelAPA, and Hyphen–have gotten together to sponsor this contest.


Download the .ZIP archive, including the subtitle-stripped .MOV file and .RTF text file transcript of the original “Chinese Professor” video.

Get the video file, write a hilarious alternate monologue for the Evil Chinese Professor, re-subtitle the footage, add a call-to-action voiceover at the end, and upload your parody to a video sharing service like YouTube or Vimeo (Heck, upload wherever you can. CAGW is apparently cracking down on all parodies).

Then send the link to The best three videos as judged by the sponsoring bloggers will win some fabulous as-yet-undetermined prizes. The deadline to submit is November 27, which happens to be Bruce Lee’s birthday.

The SIU Invades Comic-Con. Again.

Well, it’s that time of year when all of fandom descends on sunny southern California for a sensory overload of lights, sound and sweat. Yes, people, it’s Comic-Con time. And just like last year, you can find the diverse members of the SECRET IDENTITIES fam throughout the San Diego Convention Center.

In addition to Jerry Ma and Parry Shen (Fri. and Sat.) at the Epic Props booth #1737, be sure to seek out the rest of the SIUniverse

Bernard Chang: booth #1223
Cliff Chiang: booth #1320
Ming Doyle: booth #N11 & DD10
Larry Hama: booth #2307
Erwin Haya: booth #D06
Martin Hsu: booth #G02
Benton Jew: booth #DD-23
Kazu Kibuishi: booth #2235
Dustin Nguyen: booth #FF-04
Jonathan Tsuei: booth #DD-10
Blacklava: booth #4929

SI at the SI! Talkstory at the 2010 Folklife Fest

This past Sunday, the SI crew (Secret Identities, that is) got a chance to talk about the book and “build a hero” with a volunteer from the audience at the Smithsonian Institute’s (the other SI, natch) 2010 Folklife Festival.

It was definitely an awesome experience to get a chance to be a part of such a great tradition. Big thanks to Phil Nash, Terry Hong, Chloe Ith, Kozue Tsunoda, and the rest of the Smithsonian staff and volunteers that made this happen!

To read more about our adventures in the D.C. heat, read Jerry’s recap For What It’s Worth and the Smithsonian’s Asian Pacific American Program’s official blog.

SIUniverse Ballers Crowned a Champ… Like, Two Monrhs Ago

So, the NBA Finals are about to begin tomorrow night, and once again it’s the Lakers vs. Celtics (which, I think would make an awesome name for a basketball video game. Get on that EA Sports.) And I was reminded that we sponsored a fantasy NBA league full of SI fam, fans, and friends.

Well, we can report that L.A.-based musician/sound engineer Ethan Chu walked away as the league champ, but the real winner was Dream League. The Asian American community basketball organization received a cool $100 donated from the various SIUniverse Ballers! So congrats Dream League! And go Lakers (for those of you reppin’ the Westside) and go Celtics (for our Beantown fam)!

Bid on Items from the SI Crew to Benefit ImaginAsian

We’ve mentioned the ImaginAsian fundraiser to benefit the APA programs in Indiana before, but now the gallery is finally on exhibit at Purdue University and now, some of the items on display are now up for auction here.

Among the plethora of cool items up for sale include some nifty contributions from members of the SI fam. Check out the SI-related items and bid on ’em to help out a great cause!

Of course, there are tons of other really cool items from every corner of Asian America available, including some more SI-related swag. Stay tuned and get involved!