Check out SIUniverse and Epic Props at NYCC

We are just one day out from New York Comic-Con, and if you plan to be in the Big Apple this weekend, be sure to stop by booth #2010 to find the SIUniverse at our joint booth with Epic Proportions! It’s a bittersweet occasion since Jerry has announced this will be his last con as an exhibitor. But don’t fret! You’ll still find him in Artist Alley in the near future. In the meantime, we’re going to help Jerry go out in style and make this the biggest con ever for SIUniverse and Epic Props!

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SI Draw Off! The Optimus Prime Meme

So, for some odd reason, we your humble Secret Identities editors decided to each do a rendition of the iconic Autobot leader Optimus Prime. This all started because Jerry posted a quick sketch of Prime that Parry did and shared it with all of his Facebook friends.

Here’s how Parry explains the drawing:

“I was looking over some of the sdcc photos that Marcy took of the iron fist you tattoed on my arm and noticed she called him a ‘transformer’ because you were originally supposed to draw an optimus prime for me.

Then I remembered you sketching him out on a napkin at Nobu and being amazed at you recalling all his little details.

So I too, starting sketching him out to see if I could rememeber as well (see attached) and [Parry’s daughter] Avery came up and asked if I was drawing a robot – to which I proudly replied ‘Yes, it is!’.

Avery: Are you practicing so you can draw me a robot someday?

Me: Yep.

Avery: I’ve never seen you draw a robot before But Jerry could probably draw me a better one.

Me: Muther #!@* “

Seeing that Parry had left out Prime’s trademark horns, I started sketching out my own version and sent it to Jerry and Parry. Thus, challenging the rest of the crew to a draw-off. If you look closely, you can see that I sketched this on the back of another document. (I didn’t have any blank paper on hand). I did this from memory, but needed help on the Autobot symbol. That thing is hard to draw!

Optimus used to be one of my go-to doodles whenever I was stuck in a boring meeting or class, so I had t o come correct. Only later did I realize that by challenging a group of people that included Jerry Ma, my Optimus was going to get served pretty handily. (More on Jerry’s later.)

Up next in the Optimus Gauntlet was our Editor-In-Chief himself, Jeff! I think this is the first time I’d ever seen any of Jeff’s doodling. (I’ve seen Parry sketch a few times. He even did our contribution to the “signing wall” at the Chicago comic shop Challenger’s!). Jeff did his sketch freehand and in crayon. He claims his five-year-old son Hudson loves it though. Even if he did draw Optimus with lips (just like the Michael Bay movie). Personally, I think the blue crayon is a nice touch!

Rounding out the editorial team is our Art Director Jerry Ma. Of course he had to go and hand everyone their a**es with his “five-minute” sketch. I think he cheated. For one, well, Jerry’s actually an artist, so that’s not fair. And #2, okay, so there is no number two. But I guess Parry’s daughter Avery was right after all. Jerry “could probably draw a better one.”

Up next, artists Bernard Chang and Jef Castro throw down the gauntlet as they transform and roll out their own five-minute Primes.


Hi everyone!
This is my first post on our SI blog. This is Jef, the Senior Artist of Secret Identities. For our upcoming Time Inc. A3 Panel, I designed this flier to promote the event. I hope you all can make it out… did I mention that this is a FREE event?

Here’s the 411:

A3 – The Asian American Association of Time Inc.
Celebrates Asian American Heritage Month

A3 Panel: Secret Identities: Asian Americans in Comics

Thursday, May 21, 2009
5:45pm to 6:30pm — 2nd Floor Gallery Reception – Original artwork
from the book will be displayed
6:30pm to 8:00pm — 8th Floor Auditorium – Panel Discussion, Q&A, Book Signing

Address: Time & Life Building, 1271 Avenue of the Americas (50th & 6th Ave), NYC

*This Event is FREE
*Please RSVP to with “A3 Comics Panel” in the
subject line by Tuesday, May 19, 2009
(Photo ID required, Please arrive promptly)

Preview: "Peril" – Video 8 of 8

“Peril” can be found on page 183 of “Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology” which is now available in bookstores and comic shops everywhere. This is the eighth and final motion comic preview.

In the story By the Time I Get to Arizona, a young man named Mason Wong learns that his father has been incarcerated and accused of spying on the United States. His father, Dr. Benjamin Wong, was a research scientist that helped develop a series of nanotechnology prototypes that gave people superhuman abilities. Mason is sent on a quest by his fathers partner, Dr. Malcolm Eady, to retrieve a weapon before it gets into the wrong hands.

Peril was partially inspired by the real life case against Dr. Wen Ho Lee. In 1999, Lee, a Chinese American scientist who worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory was indicted on 59 counts of espionage, jailed in solitary confinement for several months, and released on time served after the government failed to prove its case against him. He was ultimately charged with one count of mishandling sensitive documents, while the other 58 counts were dropped. In the months leading up to Lees indictment and release, several media organizations, and top federal officials, had made Lees name public, which exacerbated perceptions that the foreign-born Lee was a threat to national security.

Written by Keith Chow, with art by Jef Castro, “Peril” is one of the 52 originally conceived superheroes of the S.I.Universe. Find it on YouTube here.