Secret Identities Interviews from Around the Web

With the book less than two weeks away, several prominent Secret Identities contributors have been making the rounds and talking about their participation in the book. First up is a video interview with actress Lynn Chen (Saving Face) by the fine folks at channelAPA talking about her story “You Are What You Eat”. Next is […]

Preview: "S.O.S." – Video 7 of 8 & Booktour ’09 Kickoff!

“S.O.S.” can be found on page 93 of “Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology” and is parody piece commentating on the topic of outsourcing. Visionary Raju “Bobby” Raval, founder of “Superhero Outsource Services” aka “S.O.S.” provides a “super” support system for the thrifty Superhero in today’s tough economy — eliminating the costly hassles of […]

PREVIEW: "The Citizen" – Video 6 of 8

“THE CITIZEN” can be found on page 56 of “Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology“. The story follows Frank Murakawa, a Sergeant from the Arizona National Guard who was exposed to unknown chemicals during a training accident endowing him with amazing abilities — turning him into… THE CITIZEN. Incarcerated for attempting to arrest the […]

PREVIEW: "A Day at CostumeCO." – Video 5 of 8 & Bonus Video

“A Day at CostumeCO.” can be found on page 135 of “Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology“. The story follows a Super Mom (both literally and figuratively) as she juggles a hectic outing with her family at the local superhero, big-box store outfitter, CostumeCO. S.I. Editor in Chief, Jeff Yang provided the words and […]

PREVIEW: "The Blue Scorpion & Chung" – Video 4 of 8 , Now with Bonus Features!

“The Blue Scorpion & Chung” can be found on Page 63 of SECRET IDENTITIES: The Asian American Superhero Anthology. National Book Finalist writer Gene Yang (American Born Chinese) and artist Sonny Liew (Liquid City) explore the “second-banana/manservant/sidekick” relationship inspired by the 1960’s “Green Hornet & Kato” dynamic — which has been ingrained into our pop […]