SIUniverse Blog Parade Day Four: Reappropriate

Secret Identities, Shattered: My Relationship with Comic Books, and the Genesis of PUSH Originally published at Reappropriate.co—————————by Jenn Fang For me, comic books aren’t mere entertainment. As a kid (and still today), I was fascinated by superheroes and their stories. I was a fan of Superman, Batman, and the X-men. Although some of it was […]

SIUniverse Blog Parade Day Three: Angry Girl Comics

Originally posted at Angry Girl Comics——————— by Wendy Xu hi friends! I hope all my fellow NYCers survived the hurricane safe and sound. my area of BK was thankfully untouched; I am so freaking grateful to have had power through this whole ordeal.so the official launch date of Secret Identities is rapidly coming upon us (remember, […]

SIUniverse Blog Parade Day Two: 8Asians

Why Shattered: The Asian American Comics Anthology (Secret Identities) is Important Originally posted at 8Asians.com———————————-by Koji Steven Sakai When I was a kid, I LOVED comic books. I bought every X-Men comic I could get my hands on. I was obsessed. This was a long time ago and back then the idea of Asian American […]

SIUniverse Blog Parade Day One: Adam WarRock

Shattered – Secret Identities & some news updatesOriginally posted at AdamWarRock.com —————– I was lucky enough to be included in the recent publication Shattered: Secret Identities Vol. 2. Shattered is the second in a line of anthologies that seek to bring multicultural voices and perspectives through the medium of comics. It’s a book full of […]

The SIUniverse at New York Comic Con!

Come by Epic Props booth 1113 and get a copy of SHATTERED before it’s in stores. Also, stop by the booths of other members of the SIU family: Bernard Chang will be in Artist Alley at C8! Cliff Chiang will be in Artist Alley at N1! Greg Pak will be in Artist Alley at K18! […]

Shattered Sneak Peek: Hibakusha: Secrets

Hibakusha: Secrets from Shattered In this scene from SHATTERED, we re-meet: Ryan Suda (Power: Body produces steroid-grade epinephrine allowing him to access to the upper limits of human strength and endurance), Kat Nagano (Power: Psi ability to excite atoms within any object), and Daisuke “Dice” Kim (Power: Ability to manipulate any object’s density) in THE […]