Jamie Ford

SIUniverse Blog Parade Day Six: A. L. Baroza

Originally posted at ALBaroza.com——————-by A.L. Baroza Volume Two in the Secret Identities comics anthology series has finally dropped and is now available.  I contribute a few pages, illustrating writer Jamie Ford’s EC Comics pastiches.  Here’s one of my mock covers that appear in the book, done in classic Tales From The Crypt style, or as […]

PREVIEW: "The Blue Scorpion & Chung" – Video 4 of 8 , Now with Bonus Features!

“The Blue Scorpion & Chung” can be found on Page 63 of SECRET IDENTITIES: The Asian American Superhero Anthology. National Book Finalist writer Gene Yang (American Born Chinese) and artist Sonny Liew (Liquid City) explore the “second-banana/manservant/sidekick” relationship inspired by the 1960’s “Green Hornet & Kato” dynamic — which has been ingrained into our pop […]