Check out SIUniverse and Epic Props at NYCC

We are just one day out from New York Comic-Con, and if you plan to be in the Big Apple this weekend, be sure to stop by booth #2010 to find the SIUniverse at our joint booth with Epic Proportions! It’s a bittersweet occasion since Jerry has announced this will be his last con as […]


THE STUNNING FOLLOWUP TO THE ACCLAIMED GRAPHIC COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL ASIAN AMERICAN COMIC BOOK STORIES! The late Dwayne McDuffie (Justice League of America) called Secret Identities a “criminally overdue treasure trove …as rousing, uplifting, tragic and funny as our deepest secret fantasies.” Walt Simonson (Thor) called it “a window into truths you never thought of before.” […]

SIUniverse Blog Parade Day Twelve: Yellow Peril

Walking With Master Hare — Behind the Scenes With Shattered Originally posted at Yellow Peril————–by Jamie Noguchi I inherited my love of comics from my dad. He was a huge Marvel fan and when my brother and I found his old collection of Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Thor comics, we were hooked. It never really occurred […]

SIUniverse Blog Parade Day Ten: Natalie Kim

Chinese female pirate story I wrote is OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED! Originally published at  ————————– by Natalie Kim Big thanks to Secret Identities (Follow them on Twitter:  @SIUniverse) for letting me write a story for their recently published anthology. Click the image below to buy the book: Drawn by Robin Ha A few years ago, I […]

SIUniverse Blog Parade Day Nine: Secret Asian Man

Shattered: Behind the Scenes Originally posted at Secret Asian Man ——————— by Tak Toyoshima When I was contacted by the Secret Identities crew to contribute a story to their second graphic anthology, Shattered,  I jumped at the chance. Then when they sent out a call to help with some inking chores I again jumped at […]

SIUniverse Blog Parade Day Eight: Bao Phi

Asian American comic book anthology “Shattered”, in stores this week!Originally posted at—————————–by Bao Phi and G.B. Tran The Asian American comic book anthology “Shattered” is in stores this week, and widely available for order. Added to my bucket list: a character concept of mine is included in it, illustrated by acclaimed graphic novelist G.B. […]

SIUniverse Blog Parade Day Seven: Nerdy Gal

SHATTERED: Working with Larry Hama on ‘The Date’ Originally posted at——————-by Amy Chu I’ve been asked how a newcomer such as myself ended up collaborating with the legendary creator Larry Hama, a respected veteran of the industry for the new Asian American comics anthology SHATTERED. Here’s the actual story: It was exactly two years ago […]

SIUniverse Blog Parade Day Six: A. L. Baroza

Originally posted at——————-by A.L. Baroza Volume Two in the Secret Identities comics anthology series has finally dropped and is now available.  I contribute a few pages, illustrating writer Jamie Ford’s EC Comics pastiches.  Here’s one of my mock covers that appear in the book, done in classic Tales From The Crypt style, or as […]

SIUniverse Blog Parade Day Five: Angry Asian Man

my very own superhero in shattered: the asian american comics anthologyOriginally published at Angry Asian Man——————-by Phil Yu My fellow comic book geeks! Next week marks the official launch of Shattered, follow-up to the groundbreaking Asian American comics anthology Secret Identities, from editors Jeff Yang, Parry Shen, Keith Chow and Jerry Ma. While the first […]