Check out SIUniverse and Epic Props at NYCC

We are just one day out from New York Comic-Con, and if you plan to be in the Big Apple this weekend, be sure to stop by booth #2010 to find the SIUniverse at our joint booth with Epic Proportions! It’s a bittersweet occasion since Jerry has announced this will be his last con as an exhibitor. But don’t fret! You’ll still find him in Artist Alley in the near future. In the meantime, we’re going to help Jerry go out in style and make this the biggest con ever for SIUniverse and Epic Props!

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The SIUniverse at New York Comic Con!

Come by Epic Props booth 1113 and get a copy of SHATTERED before it’s in stores.

Also, stop by the booths of other members of the SIU family:

Bernard Chang will be in Artist Alley at C8!

Cliff Chiang will be in Artist Alley at N1!

Greg Pak will be in Artist Alley at K18!

Larry Hama will be at Epic Proportions Booth 1113!

Ming Doyle will be in Artist Alley at B2!

Sean Chen will be in Artist Alley at C9!

Sonny Liew wil be in booth U12!

Billy Tan will be in booth P2!

Dustin Nguyen will be in booth H1!

Greg LaRocque will be in booth O5! (Saturday only)

Louie Chin will be in booth 448!

Newsarama Interviews Tak Toyoshima

Newsarama just posted a video interview with the one and only Tak Toyoshima. In it, Tak talks about the pressure involved in putting out his daily comic strip, Secret Asian Man, especially as newspapers are dying out left and right. Oh, and he plugs a little book called Secret Identities. I’ve heard good things about that.

Since their vids aren’t embeddable, go here to check it out.

And while you’re there, check out Newsarama’s NYCC interviews with other Secret Identities-affiliated creators Cliff Chiang and Greg Pak.

New York Comic-Con ’09: The Secret Identities Panel!

Secret Identities E.I.C. Jeff Yang here. I guess I’m the last SI Guy to post on this thing, so I might as well kick in here with this video, an edited-down “highlights version” of one of our two New York Comic-Con panels—the one focusing on the book itself, and featuring myself, E.A.L. Keith Chow, contributor Greg Pak, with an assist from his partner on “The Citizen” Bernard Chang, and Senior Artist Jef Castro. Providing insightful moderation of our little circus was Giant Robot‘s Anne Ishii, who’d just come off of moderating a previous panel on the manga version of Bat-Man that was published, well ahead of its time, in Japan in the late 1960s. did a nice writeup of the panel here.

And now, on to the video! (Parry’s not the only guy with editin’ chops around this here ranch, kids…okay, I suck compared to him, but still…represent!)

Big thanks to Keith’s bro Raymond for manning the Canon HG10 for us on this one. Sadly, he wasn’t around the following day, so I don’t have any footage of the equally terrific panel I moderated called “The Multicultural Mask,” featuring Stuart Moore (Iron Man; Firestorm), Perry Moore (Hero), Robert J. Walker (Delete), and Jann Jones (Coordinating Editor, DC Comics)—not to mention Greg Pak again, who pulled double duty for us at NYCC, all power to the Pak. However, a nice writeup on that panel is right here. And I’ll see if I can find any still photos around somewhere.
Coming up next: A highlights version of our most excellent ECAASU workshop, which was videotaped in whole by our bodyguard/host representative Dave From Toronto. Very cool guy. Really helped keep the paparazzi at bay. Not that I, Jerry or Keith had to worry—the kidz all made a beeline for the man who put the bacon in BLT, our M.E. Parry…

Link Round-Up

Though New York Comic Con is firmly in the rear view mirror, that doesn’t mean people aren’t still blogging about it! So, since we’re all Secret Identities, all the time, let’s see what folks around the Internets are saying about our time in New York:

  • First off, our very own Jimmy Aquino (“Sampler”) made it all the way from California to be with us in New York. While there, he even met the other Jimmy Aquino, and, miraculously, the multiverse didn’t implode!
  • We were fortunate enough to meet Mia from, and she had plenty of kind words to say post-panel. Don’t believe me? Well, Mia reiterates many of those kind words on her blog, too.
  • Jonathan at Elmcitytree stopped by our panel on Saturday and gives some of his thoughts on it and where Asian Americans stand in the issue of race in America. Plus, he poses a very thought-provoking question that I actually wish he brought up at the panel!
  • Another photo, for which you’ll have to get your scrolling on, features the whole SI crew (at least those of us who made it to the panel) and is available at Publisher’s Weekly Comics Week. If it looks familiar, it’s because it was taken at the same time as this one.
  • Finally, Chelsea over at Wednesday’s Child shared some of her thoughts about the Multicultural Mask panel moderated by Jeff Yang.

Secret Identities @ NYCC

We made our official debut Saturday at New York Comic Con, and it was a blast! Our panel, moderated by the incomparable Anne Ishii, was a resounding success. Not only did we play to an SRO crowd (folks were literally spilling out into the hallway!), but a lot of us got to meet SI contributors in person for the first time. Check out some of the photos from NYCC (click on the thumbnails below to see the hi-rez pics):

Ladies and gentlemen, your Secret Identities crew! Back row l to r: Anne Ishii (panel moderator), Jimmy Aquino (writer, “Sampler”), Greg Pak (writer, “The Citizen”), Ken Wong (writer, “Justified”), Jonathan Tsuei (writer, “9066”), Tak Toyoshima (writer/artist, “S.A.M. Meets Larry Hama”), Bernard Chang (artist, “The Citizen”), Larry Hama (Legendary). Front row l to r: Keith Chow (Editor-at-Large), Jeff Yang (Editor-in-Chief), Sarah Sapang (artist, “16 Miles”), Jef Castro (artist, “Peril”), Alexander Tarampi (artist, “Gaman”).

This pic, taken ten minutes before the panel started, doesn’t do the audience turnout justice. Once we got started, there wasn’t an empty seat (or empty spot on the back wall) in the room!

Kickin’ it at the Epic Props booth.

Look! Up at the Con! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Jeff and Keith with the Asian American Superman! Props to Bryan Nguyen (who’s even rockin’ the Dean Cain costume, no less!)

Larry Hama and Tak Toyoshima wanted to reenact a scene from “S.A.M. Meets Larry Hama,” but the lovely Kang Suh waitress was pouring everyone glasses of OB and soju; so obviously, our priorities were elsewhere.

“Kampai!” Left to right: Larry Hama, Tak Toyoshima, Cliff Chiang, Jenny Lee, Jeff Yang, and Keith Chow.
Yes, we’re posing in front of a giant acupuncture and herbs billboard.

Secret Identities: The Exclusive NYCC Trailer

Here’s the exclusive NYCC trailer for Secret Identities that debuted during our panel on Saturday. Now with audio!

NYCC Update

With NYCC only only two days away, here’s an update on where you can find Secret Identities this weekend!

First, here are some updated details on the previously announced panels we’ll be headlining:

  • On Saturday’s 1:30PM “Asian Americans and Superheroes: Secret Identities” panel in Room 1A18, SI editor-in-chief Jeff Yang and editor-at-large Keith Chow will be joined by artist Jef Castro (“Peril”), and Greg Pak & Bernard Chang (creative team of “The Citizen”). The panel will be moderated by Anne Ishii and will also feature the world premiere of the first Secret Identities trailer. (Room 1A18)
  • Sunday’s 11:15AM “The Multicultural Mask” panel, moderated by Jeff Yang, will feature Greg Pak, Jann Jones, Danielle O’Brien, Perry Moore, Stuart Moore, and Robert J. Walker. (Room 1A17)

And here’s where you can find a few of the SI-affiliated creators in Artist Alley:

BERNARD CHANG (Artist Alley) A8
BILLY TAN (Artist Alley) B13
CLIFF CHIANG (Artist Alley) J18
DUSTIN NGUYEN (Artist Alley) K8
GREG LAROCQUE (Artist Alley) M5
(Greg LaRocque will also be at the Exiled Studio booth #2177.)

Finally, make sure you visit Art Director Jerry Ma (and buy a t-shirt or two) at the Epic Proportions booth #1908!

See you in New York…

NYCC Announces Panel Lineup

Happy New Year everyone! Now that it’s 2009, let the Secret Identities hype commence.

The fine folks at New York Comic Con have just announced the majority of their panels at this year’s con. And guess who got invited to the party.

For those of you planning to attend NYCC, make sure you’re there on Saturday, February 7 at 1:30PM, and make sure you stop by Room 1A18 to check out a panel called ASIAN AMERICANS & SUPER HEROES: SECRET IDENTITIES featuring the fine editors and contributors to the groundbreaking anthology.

And if you stick around through the weekend, Secret Identities Editor-in-Chief Jeff Yang will be moderating a panel called THE MULTICULTURAL MASK on Sunday, February 8 at 11:15AM in Room 1A17. This panel will bring together creators who stand out as pioneers of the new inclusiveness in comics to talk about what works, what doesn’t, and why it matters — from both a cultural and economic perspective.