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Shattered – Secret Identities & some news updates
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I was lucky enough to be included in the recent publication Shattered: Secret Identities Vol. 2. Shattered is the second in a line of anthologies that seek to bring multicultural voices and perspectives through the medium of comics. It’s a book full of amazing, original art and stories by creators like Fred Chao (Johnny Hiro), Greg Pak (The Incredible Hulk), Larry Hama (GI Joe), and tons more.

I got to work with Ming Doyle (Future Foundation, Loneliest Astronauts, Girl Comics), who’s not only an amazing illustrator, but without a doubt, one of my favorite comic artists in the world. We contributed a gallery piece that basically made me into a superhero. Here’s what I look like, in a nice sepia tone:

There’s definitely a need for multicultural perspectives in all artforms, but there’s no question that comics lack the kind of diversity for all races and ethnicities. And in a medium that’s so often read by younger kids, there’s a need to seeing all kinds of people being able to anchor stories, to be heroes, and to be strong role models for children growing up. Take it from someone who grew up as a minority in the South; feeling different, feeling in the minority, and growing up in that environment can be damaging in ways you don’t even know it. I grasped on to Asian American characters in any comic (see: Jubilee being honestly my favorite X-Man [X-person?]). I think Secret Identities does a great service, and produces some amazing art in the process, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Anyway, you should order a copy, or look for it in your bookstore. Shattered will be available wide release on November 6, 2012. And check out more behind the scenes stuff from the book tomorrow at – also run by some friends of!

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