Secret Identities Volume 2, BURN…

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So It’s finally begun.  Or rather….I’ve finally begun to do some drawing on the BURN story I’m working on with my brother for Secret Identities Volume 2.  Just thought I’d post the pencils I’ve done for page 1.
These are semi tight pencils for me.  I’m leaving a lot of the detail work to be done when I ink it.  I didn’t want to waste any time penciling in the different textures and stuff.
The original for this is an odd size.  It stands at 10×12.5″ due to the 8×10″ page size of the graphic novel.
So I had a little trouble adjusting to that as it through off my whole “scale” in terms of close ups and far shots on the page.
But am hoping it came out alright.
I also did not use a ruler to do any of the drawing besides the panel borders.  For some reason, I just wanted to keep this loose and just kinda “wing” it.
Just the pencils for this page took me about….5 and a half hours to draw.  As pathetic as this sounds, inking generally takes me a little longer.
Yeah….I’m pretty slow.
Anyway, I won’t be posting every page I draw here, but thought it’d be fun to post the first one.
I’ll definitely post the ink and grey tones of this page when I finish each stage just so you can see how much more detail I intend on adding.

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