Make Your Own "Evil Chinese Professor!"

Since we recently announced Volume 2 would be dedicated to shattering Asian stereotypes, it only makes sense to point you all to a brand new Asian stereotype just in time for the midterm elections, thanks to the right-wing “think” tank Citizens Against Government Waste: the Evil Chinese Professor!

Well, now it’s our turn to reclaim Professor Evil. A few Asian Am blogs–Angry Asian Man, 8Asians, Disgrasian, Reappropriate, channelAPA, and Hyphen–have gotten together to sponsor this contest.


Download the .ZIP archive, including the subtitle-stripped .MOV file and .RTF text file transcript of the original “Chinese Professor” video.

Get the video file, write a hilarious alternate monologue for the Evil Chinese Professor, re-subtitle the footage, add a call-to-action voiceover at the end, and upload your parody to a video sharing service like YouTube or Vimeo (Heck, upload wherever you can. CAGW is apparently cracking down on all parodies).

Then send the link to The best three videos as judged by the sponsoring bloggers will win some fabulous as-yet-undetermined prizes. The deadline to submit is November 27, which happens to be Bruce Lee’s birthday.

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