AACC Was a Blast! Thanks Everyone!

Have to start first by giving props to all the volunteers, MoCA staff, panelists, artists and visitors to the show. It would not have been as great as it was if it weren’t for any of you. Thanks!

From what I hear, a good time was had by all at the Asian American ComiCon. I wouldn’t know since I was running around all day. When I did get a chance to sneak into a panel room, I saw SRO crowds and really interesting panelists having a good time together. Artists’ Alley seemed like it had a good vibe and looked like it had a nice flow of traffic. Not sure what the final tally was at the silent auction, but there were a bunch of knockout pieces donated that fetched some good prices–with all proceeds going back to the Museum.

A more thorough recap is forthcoming (with photos!). Until then, check out Jerry’s AACC recap at his blog.

I think Larry Hama summed it up best during his Kiyama Award acceptance speech when he talked about the importance of “community.” Whether it’s the Asian American community or the community of comic creators and fans, without a community, we are nothing. And ultimately, that’s what the AACC was all about, celebrating the vibrancy of our community.

Mountain Brothers – Community.mp3 –

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  1. Overall, a great show!

    Suggestions: Open the doors earlier (9:30). Let people congregate in the giftshop. Pre-registered attendees should have pre-printed nametags (this helps keep track of who is attending).

    Next year, once the museum is up and running, I don’t know how you’ll manage the space, since much of it will be exhibit space. It’s a great locale, easy to get to, with lots of cafes/delis nearby for a quick break.

    Partner with a nearby bar for a post-con get-together.

    Have local cultural societies sponsor visits from foreign talent. Eventually, you can evolve the AACC into an event which celebrates local Asian-American talent while also celebrating the culture which influences Asian-Americans.

    The AACC should also have a presence at other shows. Just like Friends of Lulu will schedule female creators to sign at their table or booth, so too could AACC offer Asian-American creators a place to sign. MoCCA, SPX, ECBACC, NYCC, NYAF… most offer non-profits special rates. If a specific convention is big enough (like San Diego), it might even be possible to host a mini-con at your booth, with creators scheduled every hour!

    I look forward to the next AACC!

  2. If financially feasible, I would love to see at future AACC’s some of the Filipino artists who worked for DC and Marvel in the 70’s and 80’s, such as Tony De Zuniga, Alex Nino, Rudy Nebres (who lives in NJ) and others.

  3. Thanks for blogging about this! Does anyone know if any of the panel sessions were recorded? I was unable to go, but the discussions would be extremely helpful for my MA thesis on Asian American graphic novels and popular culture.

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